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Data Recovery Services

Critical Data Recovery provide dependable, secure and permanent solutions for data erasing and disposing the hard drives and other electronic storage media.

  • Data Destruction Services: Critical Data Recovery Lab,  Our data specialist  can permanently wipe the data from your storage media and provide the certification. Critical Data Recovery can dispose of the media for your convenient  and fully comply with environmentally -friendly way.
  • Media Destruction Service: Critical Data Recovery Lab utilize the demagnetizing method to permanently destroy the data from the hard drive, Flash Drives, tape and other electronics media. Whether they are functioning or not.
  • Erasure Verification Services: Submit your erased drives to a Critical Data Recovery Lab specialist for an independent evaluation and verification that no information can be found, even by an expertVerification Service:  Critical Data Recovery Lab data specialist guarantee that the erased information can not be found  after destruction or by an expert.