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CDR Offers ‘Second Chance Recovery’

Critical Data Recovery Lab (CDR) is one of the oldest and most reputable data recovery service companies in Canada, doing both physical and logical hard drive recoveries. In the last few years, we have been receiving a number of hard drives that have been through unsuccessful data recovery attempts at other data recovery companies.

CDR has decided to develop a Second Chance Recovery process, so that we can work on your hard drives and try to get the data out even in the most difficult circumstances. We have seen drives in really bad shape once they have been to other companies: Fingerprints on Platters, Broken Head Disk Assemblies, Wrong Parts Replacements, Damaged Printed Circuit Boards, etc. This shows that the drives were not handled right even by so called data recovery experts. This is pronounced in Laptop drives more than in Desktop drives, as Laptop drives are more complicated and only highly trained data recovery engineers can handle them.

The process is similar to our standard process for other drives. However, the recovery cost for ‘second chance’ drives is a little higher. This cost can range from $800 to $2500 (standard recovery for single drive) as a lot more work now needs to be done to recover the data. As always our ‘No Recovery – No Charge’ Data Guarantee will apply and there will be no cost to you if we are unable to recover your critical data.

To recover your data we have to fix the drive to bring it back to a working state again. Then we need to extract the data from readable and damaged sectors. We have developed in-house recovery utilities just to get the maximum possible data from the damaged sectors so that we can reconstruct your files.

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CDR Lab has years of experience in data recovery service, a Class 100 clean room, and the expertise to handle any storage device – Hard Drives, Laptop Drives, RAID Servers, NAS, SAN. Contact us first for the best chance of recovery. But if you have made a mistake, do not make it again – come to us for Second Chance Recovery. With our experience, you will have your data back in no time. Guaranteed.

When sending us the drive for second chance Recovery please keeps in mind the Following Things:

All original parts, dose not matter how badly damage they are. ( like drive original PCB is very critical)

  1. What kind of attempt has been made ( if possible)
  2. The most critical folders or files to recover. ( important)
  3. The drives with platter damaged will have very low chances of recovery.

 RAID Data Recovery : (second Chance) Call 1-866-288-8878

  1. Controller Failure
  2. Multiple Drives failure
  3. Missing Partition
  4. Accidental reconfiguration and initialization of RAID array.
  5. RAID configuration lost
  6. Logical Corruption to parity Structure

 Client Feedback

Okay you guys rock. I got the data and its all intact nothing missing. Heck I could have cloned this to a drive and rebooted and I am sure Windows2003 would have started – Thank You and the USB drive was a great touch. plug And play no server downtime installing additional drives. And the service was fantastic to picking up the drives and the very fast data recovery. Wow other companies in your area were telling me 2 – 3 weeks and you guys did
Your thing in day.

Thanks Again,
John Rice System Administrator for Nanaimo Association for Community Living