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Messages that may pop up when a disk crash has occurred:

  • Invalid media type error…
  • Invalid drive specification…
  • Invalid partition table…
  • General failure reading drive “x”…
  • Primary Hard Disk not found. Press F1 to Continue
  • Master Boot Record Not Found
  • Cannot find file or program
  • Hard drive motor is not spinning


If the hard disk is making any strange noises,then switch the computer off immediately.

  • Data error reading Drive “x”…
  • Drive reading error..
  • Sector not found…
  • Track 0 bad…
  • Invalid or corrupt FAT
  • Invalid partition table entries
  • IInvalid sector
  • Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure
  • Hard drive is clicking or making noises

When your computer hard drive fails to read the data stored in your media and one of the above messages occurs, the disk is said to have crashed.
In case of a hard disk crash, the operating system begins to flash messages as indicated above, there are now only 2 scenario’s that are possible.

Hard drives


  • (HDA) Head Disk Assembly has crashed
  • Platters may be damaged
  • PCB has burned out
  • Causes of Disk Failures:
  • Human Error is the single most major cause of data loss. Including accidental file deletion,
  • or sometimes as just a “Hard Disk Format”
  • Other contributors are Software Corruption, System Malfunction or Hardware Error.
  • Virus Attacks is still one of the main concerns that causes data loss.
  • Employees sabotage is also a concern, a minor yet one.
  • Flood, Fire, Lighting and Earthquakes are just some unavoidable causes.