Data Recovery Process

Each hard drive data recovery Job starts with our free evaluation to find out the problem with the media; in order to provide a firm price-quote for you to review. If the media is Accessible we will create a raw image to our lab media to further work on it and keep your media as is. If media is not accessible, and it is determined as a internal problem. It will be opened up in clean room to find out the damage.

Evaluation only takes 2 to 6 hours; but actual recovery may take 4 to 7 days (standard service) depending on the problem. Emergency service is also available if you need it.

PRICE RANGE for single hard drive:

Recovery Under $500

  1. CD/DVD recovery
  2. Photo recovery
  3. Logic board repair
  4. MS Office file recovery
  5. Corrupted file system recovery
  6. Deleted/Formatted Hard drives

 This special is for Desktop hard drives with Windows OS only.

Laptop and Other storage devices and all the drives with other than windows OS will fall under regular price option.

Physical Hard Drive Failure Types:

  • Head Disk assembly damage
  • Motor not spinning
  • Clicking Noises
  • Severe Media Damage to platters

These problems are fixed by opening the HDA (Head Disk Assembly) of the drive under clean room conditions.

Price Range for these kind of drives are:$450 to $1750. Canadian Dollars

* Drives having firmware problem also falls in this price range.

Price may be higher for Unix and Novell File system.

RAID Array Prices:

RAID array prices range from $1000 to $6500 ( standard charges) depending upon type of RAID and how much the array is damage.


Emergency hard drive data recovery service is available for our clients if you need it. Data can be recovered same day or 1 to 2 days if possible. Price is little higher than regular price.

Please call toll free to get quote: 1.866.288.8878

  • FLOPPY DISK      $150 each
  • SMART MEDIA   $350 each
  • ZIP DISKS             $350 each
  • JAZZ DISKS         $450 each


Send us your media for a free Evaluation, one of our technicians will provide you a diagnosis free of charge. This will include a detailed quote, a detailed problem outlining exactly what is wrong with your media, exactly what can be recovered and the turnaround time:

If you would like more information or initiate a job , please call 1-866-288-8878 or Click on Submit data recovery button.

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