Q: Common Type of failure in hard drives today?
A: Common cause of data loss is physical damage, where hard drive gets physical Shock caused the read and write heads to come in contact with platter.
Q: Data recovery turnaround time?
A: The turn-around time depends on the type of drive failure, complexity. In most cases if the hardware of hard drives is functioning normally, the standard service takes around 4-7 depending upon the type of service level selected. Expedited and Rush service are available depending on the nature of the failure. Expedited Service turnaround time is 3- 5 days and Rush 1 – 2 business days.
Q: Data recovery process?
A: Please read more about our data recovery process click here.
Q: How do you charge for your service and what are the typical costs?
A: Our price of data recovery depends on our initial diagnostics takes about 2 – 4 hours. The diagnostics is free of charge for any media accept the RAID Drives. The RAID evaluation cost $250 non refundable. After the initial diagnostics on the hard drives you will receive fixed price on your recovery job. This enables you to make a decision about your recovery and provide the level of service you choose, once the recovery is successful will provide you the detail of recovered file list to make the decision.
Q: What if my data is not in the recovered file list?
A: The answer is simple (no recovery no charge) but will make further attempt to recover your important data. You only pay if your critical data is recovered in working order or no charge at all.
Q: Price List of drive recovery?
A: Actual pricing will vary based on the media capacity, type of failure, the severity of the data loss, as well as the service level of your choice.
Q: What type of media and operating system can you recover from?
A: We provide service on any media storage, e.g (dektop drives, laptop drives, SSD media,SCSI drives, USB and Flash media and any operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux).
Q: Is Deleted and formatted recovery possible?
A: Yes, we do recover data from accidental deletion and formatted drives and drives have been ghosted over often very successfully (in most cases, if the level of file corruption is high then the data recover in RAW form means no files names. So the less the drive is used after format, the more will be recoverable.
Q: Can you restore a partition damaged as a result of viruses, wrong action of user partition?
A: Yes, in most cases we able to recover data successfully, but each case needs to be treated individually. The more the user does, the harder it generally gets for us.
Q: My recovered information contain confidential information, How can that remain confidential?
A: Critical Data Service provides our clients a secure environment so they know their information kept highly confidential. Every member of the CDR Lab team is under non-disclosure.
Q: Can data loss be prevented?
A: Nothing can prevent data loss better than performing routine backups, Key thing is Backup, Backup.