Mac Data Recovery

Mac is a series of personal computer designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed by Apple™ which uses its own designed and developed operating system called MAC OS.The original Mac used “Motorola” and “IBM” processors, however recently they have launched their new hardware based ... Read more


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Laptop Recovery

Due to the fragility of laptop computer hard drives, they are often more susceptible to hardware failure. From physical damage such as a laptop being dropped, crushed, fire damaged downed to file structure damage causing them to just stop working. Our qualified technicians have the ... Read more


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Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible data from failed hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices and tape cartridges.Your data can become inaccessible due to one of numerous reasons such as software problem, computer virus,firmware corruption, mechanical or electrical ... Read more


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Raid Recovery

Specialist in all available RAID arrays on the Market today including NAS/SAN Servers, RAID 0 RAID 5, RAID 1, and RAID 10 and others. Regardless of the size of the RAID, configuration, operating system or platform of your RAID Array, CDR’s highly qualified data recovery engineers can recover your ... Read more


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Data Recovery Services
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Each hard drive data recovery Job starts with our free evaluation to find out the problem with the media; in order to provide a firm price-quote for you to review. If the media is Accessible we will create a raw image to our lab media to further work on it and keep your media as is.

If media is not accessible, and it is determined as a internal problem. It will be opened up in clean room to find out the damage. Click here for a complete understanding of data recovery process

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  1. LEVEL 1 HARD DRIVES: Some minor repair hard drive problem can be resolved with a simple recovery fix, like firmware issue or ROM, faulty resistor, Capacitor Problem (price range is $250-$450)
  2. LEVEL 2 HARD DRIVE: These recoveries involve replacing severe firmware issues, severely damage file sturcture, deleted or formatted hard drive, pst files recoveries (price range is $450-$750)
  3. LEVEL 3 HARD DRIVES: These type of recoveries involve severely head crashed hard drive like clicking and media surface damage and it require clean room and necessary repair to get the drive readable and recover possible result (price range is $750-$1650)
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Very good turnaround and excellent service and excellent staff (Ali and Tony). RAID data recovery is not an easy task. I was constantly kept informed of the process and my files were 100% recovered. I hope this does not happen to our company again but would not hesitate to contact CDR Data Recovery again. I will definitely recommend them if I know of anyone in the same situation. Good Job.
Best Redards Danesh W.
Duke Energy, Ontario, Canada

I recently brought in a ten-year-old hard drive that had stopped working. You were able to determine the exact cause of the problem and quoted me a price to recover the data within a few hours. You then delivered on time and within quote. Please accept my sincere thanks for your promptness, courtesy and professionalism. In future, I will not hesitate to recommend Critical Data Recovery to any friend or colleague who may be in need of your assistance.
Thanks again, P. Matute Toronto, Canada

Fantastic Job. My job is saved.
Kind Regards, Aamir – IT Consultant

Dear CDR Data Recovery, As a small business owner, here is what I can tell you about Critical Data Recovery…They’re fast. They’re efficient. They’re professional. They know what they’re doing. The service they provide is outstanding. They go above and beyond. They deliver what they promise and more. You’ll be glad you chose to do business with them. I recommend their services without hesitation!” Liz Pearson, Business Owner, Pearson Institute of Nutrition
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